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Famous Modern Wood Sculptures


Have you ever considered that there might be alternative ways of promoting your love for your favourite celebrity? Do you enjoy looking for new ‘quirky’ products that you love displaying in your home, that no-one else has ever seen before? As teenagers, many of us had posters of our favourite celebrities pinned on our bedroom walls; posters that showed who we had crushes on, or role models that we hoped to become like. As we got older, however, those celebrities became less important to us as we pursued different dreams, in line with more realistic prospects and achievements. However, having a role model throughout one’s childhood and career is perfectly natural. If you stop to consider it, when you get a new job you are modelling yourself on a manager or person who does the job in the way that you want to do it. When you become a parent, you are modelling yourself on the behaviours of your parents, or others that you know have done a good job. Role models, therefore, exist throughout or lives.


As we get older, it becomes less popular to publicise our role models within our own homes. Perhaps we own photographs or memorabilia that we keep private, viewing only when we know that we are alone. One way that you might choose to display your role model, however, is through one of our artistic modern wooden sculptures. Here are some of the celebrity categories that we are able to produce for you.




Most of us have read a book (if you are reading this webpage, there is a good chance that you are one such person!) And most of us have a specific book that has stood out for them in their lives.As a devout lover of literature, I have many favourite authors – changing on a regular basis. One way in which we can show our appreciation to, and love for, a famous author, is through a modern wood sculpture of them.Perhaps you will choose Oscar Wilde, leaning on a rock? Or JK Rowling, writing in her front room? Whoever you choose to purchase, Ferreiras Furniture will create the perfect modern wood sculpture for you. They really are the perfect addition to any bedroom, reading room or even living room. Place them by your bookcase and they can brighten up your literary display. If you are a member of a local library, perhaps you could suggest that they purchase one of the sculptures, to display publicly?




We see them all the time, running around on the television, or causing outrage in public. However, footballers are a big part of our contemporary culture, and perform as a role model for a large population of children growing up in the United Kingdom. Of course, when they retire, they are seen a lot less in the public sphere and are at risk of becoming forgotten. Naturally, the greats will stand out, but what about the others source?


Ferreiras Furniture have years of experience in creating modern wood sculptures of footballers. Our most popular works are the sculptures of Pele, Diego Maradona and David Beckham, but we have also been asked to construct sculptures of less famous footballers such as Clayton Blackmore and Tony Dorigo. Personalising the sculpture to suit your tastes, Ferreiras Furniture are on hand to provide you with a replica for your footballing hero. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a player that we create. Why not consider asking us to sculpture a famous manager such as Sir Alf Ramsey or Bobby Robson?


Actors and actresses


What makes us unique is the variety of different tastes and interests that we have as individuals. As such, we are never surprised by the variety of requests that we get for sculptures of actors and actresses. Despite the differences in technology, and the ease at which we download movies in contemporary societies, cinemas are still one of our number one choices of entertainment and we all have our own role-models and pinups within the cinema industry! It’s just that some of us are more nervous about literally pinning them up than others…Our most popular choices are Marilyn Monroe and Al Pacino, but Ferreiras Furniture can cater for a wide range of movie stars, all with their own distinctive features and actions. A personal favourite is Al Pacino with his cigar! Placing this within a bar area in a private or public residence gets everybody talking! For completely different reasons, so too do our sculptures of Christian Grey…